The main research directions:
^   Controllable preparation of nanomaterials and nanostructures, novel physical properties and device applications;
^   properties of spin/valley quantum state and their applications in quantum information/quantum computing; ultrafast magneto-optical laser spectroscopy;
^   physical properties and devices of low-dimensional/nanomaterials.

The main projects:
1. National Natural Science Foundation of China's major project, "Construction and characteristics of high-quality large-area graphene information devices on dielectric substrates" .
2. "Controllable Processing Method and Basic Application Research of Strain Induced Large Area Nanostructures" National Key Research and Development Program of "Nanotechnology".
3. The Foundation Committee's major research project on nanofabrication, "Principles and methods of trans-scale nano-batch manufacturing", and the Foundation Committee's pilot project with the Academy of Sciences.
4. Natural Science Foundation project; "973" project .