Microwave Thin Film Growth System

Model: SDS5250S CVD System
Manufacturer: Seki Diamond Systems, Japan
Technical Specifications:

  • Microwave Source Power Range: 600-5000W
  • Equipped with process gases: H2, CH4, O2
  • Detection range of infrared thermometer: 475 °C-1475°C
  • Bias range: 0-600 V, 0-1.7 A
  • Work Pressure: 200 Torr

Features and Applications:
MPCVD increases the reaction rate of precursors and decreases the reaction temperature by plasma. It is suitable for preparing high quality hard films and crystals with large area, good uniformity, high purity and good crystalline morphology, such as large gemstone grade single crystal diamond, high orientation diamond crystal, nano-crystalline diamond and carbon nanotubes/diamond-like carbon.